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Microsoft WPC14 Day 2: “Betting – and winning – big with Microsoft”

16 July 2014

The focus of day two of WPC 2014 has been on how partners are taking advantage of investments (day one announced the promising Microsoft commitment to invest in partner success in the cloud) in Microsoft solutions.

There has been a lot of great seminars where Microsoft leaders talked about: Hybrid Cloud, Modernizing Datacentres, acceleration of the Cloud productivity, and in general how to drive additional Partner investment in Microsoft Solutions.

As for myself, I was able to join 2 very interesting seminars:

  • “SMB Reseller: How to Inspire, Educate and Connect With SMB Customers to Drive Cloud Sales”
  • “SMB Reseller: How to Grow Your Business With Microsoft Azure for SMB”

At the day two I met a lot of great people. At the breakfast time I joined the table with a group of Microsoft Germany representatives where we talked not only about the Final Cup winner (;-)) but also about the geopolitical situation in the Eastern Central Europe. I was amazed how big the group of Microsoft representatives are joining the WPC14 this year. It seems that we should focus on how to cooperate with our Western neighbour in the domain of Microsoft Solutions as this is definitely number one in Europe!

In the early morning I had an interesting discussion while traveling to the Convention Centre with some of the South Africa Microsoft representatives (learning Partners). It was great to know how the business is expanding in South Africa, how the competition looks like and what we as a representatives of Pan-European market can do with this in the future.

In the evening Microsoft organized a party (at Josephine Club, Washington, DC) dedicated to all of the polish partners joining the WPC14. I met some of my industry colleagues, exchanged thoughts with our Channel Managers and had a great time on the dance floor :)

My stay in Washington, DC is full of great moments. I’m meeting people, learn from the industry leaders how to operate with Microsoft solutions and directing them better to my Clients. I’m became a true fan of this beautiful city! Washington has a lot to offer. Most of the museum are for free, there are so many places to play tennis, the infrastructure enables people to relocate very fast from one side of the city to another (Metro, Taxi, Buses). There is also a lot of parks and jogging and bicycle paths, everything surrounded with green landscape.

Tomorrow a very important day at WPC14, as in the early morning session at the Horizon centre Microsoft Partners will be expecting an inspiring keynote from the “new” CEO of Microsoft: Satya Nadella.

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P.S. At one of the seminars I was attending on day 2, a guy from Germany won the Microsoft Surface device. It seems that Germans has something like a strategy plan to win everything this year :)!

Pawel Mikler

Business Unit and International Sales Manager

Responsible for expansion of JCommerce’s range of software development services and products, thus extending the reach of Clients portfolio mainly throughout Europe and North America, as well as establishing strategic presence on this markets.