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Fintech – financial technology changing the banking sector!

21 December 2016

It is hard to disagree with the fact that the digital revolution has dramatically transformed the functioning of the financial sector. One may even speak of a special symbiosis between the financial industry and IT, which together drive the rapid development of fintech (financial technology) services. On the other side of the coin, customer expectations […]

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Customer Communication Management (CCM) – what is it?

26 October 2016

Although the acronym CCM (Customer Communication Management) is not as popular as CRM or ERP, organizations that have hundreds of thousands or millions of customers have for a long time now been managing external communication (and so all kinds of invoices, directories, policies, and so on) in an automated manner, not necessarily even classifying the […]

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How not to come unstuck when implementing a Business Intelligence system – part 2

02 June 2016

Problems in the implementation of a Business Intelligence system may arise in any organization. They are most commonly associated with typical phenomena such as excess data, only part of which is valuable for the business, or a lack of appropriate order and completeness. Fortunately, these problems can be solved – mainly thanks to competent pre-implementation analysis, which […]

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How not to come unstuck when implementing a Business Intelligence system – part 1

30 May 2016

The implementation of Business Intelligence systems is always a challenge for any enterprise. With such a large project, problems are unavoidable, but through adequate preparation you can certainly minimize the risk of failure. Looking at companies in terms of data that BI is to analyze, each company is clearly unique and exceptional, and thus requires an individual […]

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