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IT Service Provider – Trusted Technology Partner

14 July 2017

Over a period of several years now, the image of IT service providers has undergone a clear change. They used to be mere contractors, responsible for undertaking specific tasks and nothing more, whether it was the implementation of a dedicated system or, for example, the addition of technological competences to the client’s team using the […]

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Reduce uncertainty in business

27 June 2017

Global competition, the dynamically changing rules of the market, where conditions are increasingly dictated by startups, as well as phenomena such as the shorter product life cycle, the quest for innovation, and the need to respond immediately to change and customer expectations – all challenges which the entrepreneurs of today must face. The current economic […]

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IT outsourcing helps companies solve their recruitment issues

07 June 2017

During conversations with my clients, I have heard many times that running the recruiting process by yourself is much more efficient because it allows you to find suitable candidates and generate fewer costs than in the systematic outsourcing of specialists. But can we be sure? In my experience and having analyzed cases in which I […]

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IT Outsourcing Agreements Under the Magnifying Glass

29 May 2017

Agreements in general are concluded for both sides so they simply know what, why and with whom they do business, as well as other details like the date, location and price. We use plenty of different types of agreements on a daily basis, usually informally and without writing them down. Buying food or clothes, asking […]

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Will the Next Uber-like Company Hit Your Business?

24 January 2017

Until recently, the concept of organizational flexibility was one of the hottest topics in the world of organizational management. But it’s time to delete it from your vocabulary, because the events of recent years – whether it be the crisis in the Euro zone, the emergence of the ​​sharing economy, Brexit or the US elections […]

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Trust is the rock on which outsourcing is built

12 October 2016

A loss of control over processes in a company is one of the most common concerns connected to outsourcing services. Another problem is that in the pursuit of lower costs of employment, the quality of work may suffer. Furthermore, the outsourcing process must involve the reorganization of the company – after all, someone has to […]

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