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Is it possible to manage partnership with external vendor?

21 September 2012

Be our business partner!

Procedures commonly used by IT companies create a situation in which the client, having agreed to system requirements, loses control over development for months. Consequently, the client’s expectations are not always met.

To eliminate this problem we implemented a methodology where the client provides regular insight into the work progress at every stage of developing the application. We build a working relationship, which is based on trust and partnership.

Both sides can gain additional value from cyclic meetings, during which we listen to as many comments as possible and solve the emerging problems together. Responding to changes faster enables us to save valuable time, which can be later devoted to testing the application. In turn, a larger number of tests results in a higher quality product.

software development

Partnering with software development experts is an effective way to build the software capabilities required by our clients. We work with one idea in our mind –  When you work with a team you trust, they become a valuable extension of your in-house team.

Successful outsourced software developed by JCommerce

We+You=Dream Team

At the end of November 2011 we started cooperation with one of the largest companies in the media industry. De Persgroep, a leading bi-national organization with more than 3000 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.  They concentrate their business on newspapers, magazines and new media, with a yearly turnover of almost 1 billion euros.

Our cooperation is based on relationship in nearshore software development area (focusing on JAVA & mobile development: Android, iPad, iPhone).

First of all, we had to know each other.  To start effectively, we set up an initial project which delivers us information with whom we work and what collaboration possibilities we have. We started with development of an android application for one of the Persgroep’s sites.

Each step of cooperation brings us closer to success

I Initial project It had fixed functional scope, objectives had been defined in details and reached by us by the beginning of December 2011. Before the beginning of the New Year 2012, the Client had contacted us for the project kick-off.

II Building dedicated development team- We collaborated in the process of recruitment and the composition of the team. At that time De Persgroep  formalized the cooperation model  with a contract agreement. We started to develop the solution at beginning of February 2012.

III  Continuation of development. Current status of cooperation– WE ARE A TEAM.

Currently, we are working with two dedicated teams, simultaneously carrying out the existing sports projects (“Olympic Games in London 2012”, “Tour de France” and “Euro2012”) as well as “Gouden11” which is a fantasy league game.

We are JCommerceWe also have a booth at the event (Stand #65), so do not hesitate to talk with us about our services & solutions.

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Pawel Mikler

Business Unit and International Sales Manager

Responsible for expansion of JCommerce’s range of software development services and products, thus extending the reach of Clients portfolio mainly throughout Europe and North America, as well as establishing strategic presence on this markets.