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What is hidden in the skywriting’ project?

12 November 2013

What can be done with 5 aircraft, 5 pilots and 1 computer?

Over the last 3 months we were engaged in a very creative project development process connected with Skywriting.


Skywriting is a form of online marketing communication bases on smoke emission. The text of the message is transferred via online solution available on the company’s website. Dedicated software and hardware controls the release of smoke emitted by each plane. Skywriting technology works by combining 5-15 planes flying in a formation.

Within the scope of programming work  the dedicated website was created, which plays a role of a gateway for people interested in that form of advertising. The website obtains compelling functionalities such as:

  • Skywrite a message – instant creation of any customers’ message
  • Virtual panorama – visual prospect of text appearance
  • Interactive world map –  services’ representatives
  • Skywriting timeline – historical outline of the company

virtual panorama_skywriting

JCommerce specialists realized project with Client’s programmers in respect of Agile methodology, which allows management of changes. To the scope of our work contained creation of new administrative panel in Symfony 2 framework. It uses for dynamics elements Java Script jQuery and AJAX technology. The panel frontend was built regard to Twitter Bootsrap  framework. All website functionalities were optimized for search engines.

That advertising solution delivers new channel for communication for those who need to reach wider scope of audience, no matter where the message sender is located.


Pawel Mikler

Business Unit and International Sales Manager

Responsible for expansion of JCommerce’s range of software development services and products, thus extending the reach of Clients portfolio mainly throughout Europe and North America, as well as establishing strategic presence on this markets.